The reason Disney originally hated Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow

The Pirates of the Caribbean saga is a complete success thanks to Johnny Depp's performance as Jack Sparrow, but Disney initially hated his version.

Even if Johnny Depp has played a variety of roles throughout his career, he will be remembered as the Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean. His performance was very picturesque and quickly hooked the public, but Disney I didn't totally agree at first.

It all started in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which featured Jack Sparrow from Johnny Depp, Captain Barbossa from Geoffrey Rush, Elizabeth Swann from Keira Knightley and Will Turner from Orlando Bloom. As the films evolved, so did the characters, with most of them leaving the franchise at some point, but Jack Sparrow remained the primary and connecting link between all the films. The intrepid pirate has become the show's image, to the point where it was added to the theme park attraction that started it all, so it's surprising to know that Disney initially didn't like what Johnny Depp was up to. with the character.

These are the reasons why the character didn't like the movie studio at first.

When the producers were looking for the right actor to play Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp He was looking to make a family movie and approached the studio when he heard that Pirates of the Caribbean was in development. Johnny Depp did some research to work on his portrayal of a pirate captain and surprised the cast and crew at first reading, though it wasn't a pleasant surprise for everyone. Johnny Depp decided to make a kind of version of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, who played Jack's father in the following installments.

Actor Johnny Depp has been very outspoken about how people reacted at Disney when they saw his portrayal of Jack Sparrow, and shared that former Disney CEO Michael Eisner said he was "ruining the movie." Johnny Depp also remembers that some Disney executives were looking for ways to get rid of him, as they did not like his character.

They asked what was wrong, they even thought that the Pirate Captain was gay, something that bothered them a lot.

In an interview Johnny Depp revealed that the former Disney executive, Nina JacobsonHe was the one who asked if Jack Sparrow was homosexual, to which Depp replied that all his characters are homosexual. In that same interview, the actor shared that the problem with working with large studios like Disney is that "they may feel uncomfortable about certain creative decisions you make" and that "if the studio is not concerned, then I am not doing my job correctly".

Johnny Depp certainly made Disney executives uncomfortable with his portrayal of Jack Sparrow, but that was what ultimately made the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie a success and he was even nominated for an Oscar (winner Sean Penn for Mystic River ). Although they did not like that version of Jack Sparrow by Johnny Depp at first, the success was evident and at Disney they had more times with the actor, as in the films of Alice in Wonderland. | Movies, comics and series