The Shining Theory: The movie is about the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon

The Shining is a 1980 horror film directed by Stanley Kubrick, whose story was based on a novel by Stephen King.

There is a very interesting theory that relates the movie to The glow with the moon landing of Apollo 11, evidenced by Danny's sweater, Tang's cans, the twins, and Jack's typewriting. First you have to remember that there are many people who believe that Stanley kubrick he was involved with the United States government in filming a staged version of the moon landing and he used this film to hint and apologize for his involvement. The evidence is overwhelming.

The Shining, released in 1980, is one of Stanley Kubrick's best known and most widely analyzed films. This is due, in part, to the strange symbolism seen in it. Kubrick is known, after all, for including deeper meanings in his work and then leaving things open for interpretation. During his life, he was careful never to present his own points of view and believed that audiences were attracted to "riddles and allegories", preferring films that did not provide all the answers.

Interestingly, when the Apollo 11 lunar landing occurred in 1969, there were those who believed that the images shown around the world had been shot. It was theorized that Kubrick, as a highly respected filmmaker at the time, had been part of the filming of the scene footage. Given Kubrick's talents, it's not impossible to imagine that he could have pulled off such a stunt. If he had, he would be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement and would be forced to never talk about the experience. As far-fetched as this idea may seem, it is not impossible that you can insert clues into your film work, such as The Shining, either to support this theory or to poke fun at it.

After the premiere of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) came the great event of humanity when Apollo 11 landed on the moon (1969).

To make that movie, Kubrick worked with NASA engineers to create the optics for the cameras. That's probably where the rumor came from that he later filmed a landing on the moon. So assuming that Kubrick was part of this government conspiracy, it might have weighed heavily on his mind, especially since he was forbidden to speak about it. So I would give some life to the theory we explain below about the Shining.

In the film there are several references, at least partially, to the Apollo 11 moon landing. It begins with Danny's sweater. Apollo 11 is never mentioned in the novel by Stephen KingSo why is Danny wearing a sweater that says "Apollo 11 USA" in Kubrick's movie?

The Shining Theory: The movie is about the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon

It is also interesting to note how the camera remains in various cans of Tang in the pantry, which is a beverage originally developed for astronauts. Other clues that The Shining is about the Apollo 11 moon landing include the strange way "Everything" looks in Jack Torrance's manuscript. Although Jack clearly writes "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over again, the "Todo" (All in English) looks a lot like A11, referencing Apollo 11.

The Shining Theory: The movie is about the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon

What's more, if this theory is correct, then the dead twins Danny sees in the hallway may represent the two Gemini space missions that failed. Of course, Kubrick did not confirm or deny this theory about The Shining which, even to this day, remains compelling. | Cinema, comics and series