The Snyder Cut will have no trace of Joss Whedon's version

While we wait for 2021 to arrive quickly, in order to see the Snyder Cut on HBO Max, the director of this new version keeps us up to date on the entire process. Now Zack Snyder revealed that his version will have no trace of Joss Whedon.

In a new Q&A session through Vero, Zack Snyder revealed new information concerning the Snyder Cut of League of Justice. Specifically, the filmmaker assured that his version will be very different from what we saw in theaters and hinted that there will be no trace of what was done by Joss Whedon.

His disclosure began after a person questioned him about the following: "Assuming your Justice League cut had come out in some way in 2017, how different would it have been from the one we're going to see in 2021? I mean if you've made certain sacrifices (of your vision) in order to free your cut, or are we going to see it exactly the way you wanted it to be? ”

The filmmaker replied that the Snyder Cut is free from sacrifices of ideas and that what will be seen through the screens of HBO Max it is what he conceived from the beginning. As we know, Joss Whedon he stayed in charge of the project after Zack Snyder had to abandon it for personal reasons. The film was a resounding failure that collapsed plans to follow a path similar to that laid by Marvel Studios; and it even led to the cancellation of Justice League 2, which had a premiere scheduled for June 14, 2019.

A very different version

The last details around the Snyder Cut They suggest that it is a cut with around 4 hours duration, time that could be compacted in a serial format of six episodes. Likewise, Snyder revealed that 75% of the new Justice League will be material never seen before and even showed one of the first changes we will see. On the other hand, it is known that WB is planning to invest between $ 20 and $ 30 MDD to complete the work of editing, musicalization and visual effects.

The Justice League Snyder Cut has a premiere scheduled for the first half of 2021 on HBO Max (platform not yet available in Mexico). As that happens, Wonder Woman 1984 will hit the big screen next October 2, 2020. | Movies, comics and series