The Snyder Cut will solve the mystery of the Batman v Superman nightmare

Now that the Snyder Cut has become a reality. Director Zack Snyder confirmed that his version will explain the meaning of the mysterious nightmare we saw in Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice.

After more than two years asking for the Snyder Cut, the fans managed that HBO Max bring to light the version of League of Justice of Zack Snyder. This cut will hit the platform in 2021 and in the meantime, the director has already started revealing some details of what we'll see. For example, the nightmare mystery of Batman Vs Superman will finally be explained.

The scene in question showed us a future post apocalyptic, a desert world with the symbol of Darkseid (omega) in which Batman seeks kryptonite to confront Superman but is betrayed, upon awakening from such a terrifying scene we might think that it is a nightmare , but then a Flash from the future that traveled to the past appears to warn Bruce Wayne that Lois Lane is the key. Apparently he woke up again, but some sheets moved by the Flash temporary portal make it clear that it was not a simple dream.

Now that the Snyder Cut is on the way, fans are very close to knowing the meaning of this nightmare. This was stated by himself Zack Snyder on the Vero social network. There a follower asked him if there would be more "nightmare scenes" and he replied "Oh yeah".

A nightmare without answers

For those who did not hate Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice It was always a mystery that generated great interest, since in the nightmare Superman is a tyrant who rules with an iron hand, and when facing Batman he tells him that he took what he wanted most, that is, Lois Lane. Clues have been given in the past about what we would see, but it will be a delight for fans to finally see it on screen.

The nightmare also anticipated the appearance of Darkseid, one of the most famous villains in the Justice League, leader of the New Gods and ruler of the planet Apokolips. Not long ago Zack Snyder reconfirmed the appearance of said villain in his original court of League of Justice, with an image that shows it in full color. To watch the Snyder Cut we will have to wait until 2021. | Movies, comics and series