The Suicide Squad: James Gunn claims anything can happen

Director James Gunn confirms DC gave him carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with the Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad It premiered in 2016 and although the reception by the public and the critics was mixed, DC he was already in negotiations for a sequel. In the beginning, the studio was going to rely on David Ayer to direct it but the director left the project to direct Gotham city sirens. After G joinedavin O'Connor but this one also left production due to creative differences. After a long search, the studio found a director willing to direct the sequel to Suicide Squad. Now James Gunn reveals the negotiations he had with DC before agreeing to join the film.

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Premiere The Suicide Squad it is getting closer and closer. Empire magazine recently launched a cast glance of the film on one of its covers. This has led DC fans to wonder who of the characters were going to die and who would survive. Own James Gunn I use his twitter account to ask fans which characters they think will have the best chance of survival in The Suicide Squad. One of the responses that caught the director's attention was @DapperJabber. “Harley Quinn is protected by the franchise. King Shark and Amanda Walker are also protected because DC has them in other things. And the rest have an 80% chance of dying. "

The Suicide Squad: James Gunn claims anything can happen

For its part, the comment is quite reasonable since it is logical that DC don't want to lose your most popular characters. But James Gunn disagree and claims that the study gave him creative freedom to do whatever you want with the characters from The Suicide Squad. “No character is protected by DC. They gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted. It's one of the things we agreed upon before I started working with them. I wasn't looking to create a shock but I wanted the audience to know that anything can happen. #LaHistoriaEsSuperior #TheSuicideSquad ”. James Gunn also comments that he doesn't care what hate he receives after the premiere of The Suicide Squad since "there are fans who are going to get angry whatever I do."

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The Suicide Squad was going to premiere this summer but for reasons related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Warner Bros decided to delay the launch. The recordings ended at the beginning of the year and James Gunn is in the last stages of post-production. The director has also confirmed that The Suicide Squad will not have new recordings like other projects and that in that aspect everything is already finished. “New recordings were planned on our calendar. But we are going to finish the movie this week. The movie is ready except to change a few things for future special effects. And we have not recorded any day ”.

This is good news for The Suicide Squad and the audience awaiting its release. Due to the great cast from the movie and the type of production, recording new scenes now would have been complicated and it probably would have delayed the movie even further. On the other hand, now that the film is practically finished and it seems that the premiere is being maintained it is possible that a new trailer in the next few months. The Suicide Squad opens on August 4, 2021. | Cinema, comics and series

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