The Suicide Squad: The title was pranked by James Gunn

The Suicide Squad, the name of the new DC Comics movie, was proposed as a joke by James Guns. But between laughs and laughs, Warner ended up approving it.

If we are sure of one thing, it is that in James Gunn humor will never be lacking. However, this is not something that is only perceived in the films in which he works, since it is also part of his personality. With this in mind, it is not strange to learn that it was he who proposed the title The Suicide Squad for the expected film and that it was in a joking tone.

This news was confirmed through a question and answer session that he held through his official Instagram account (via GeekTyrant). This exchange took place in recent days, while the creative was on a road trip. At some point the following question arose: "Why the title 'THE Suicide Squad'? Is there any chance that you will change it? ” James Gunn quickly replied, “I suggested it once as a joke, and Warner and the producers liked it. It is not very likely that it will change, but you never know. "

The truth is that, if we start to analyze the title, it did not change much with respect to the first film made by David Yesterday, which could have a new cut. The only difference is the addition of the article preceding the property name from the comics. Although all fans already know this new movie as The Suicide Squad, The truth is that it can generate some confusion for those people who are not aware and think that this is the first tape.

News and more jokes

This is not the first time James Gunn He uses his digital platforms to connect with his audience and to demonstrate once again the humor that characterizes him. During a similar moment of questions and answers, the director of The Suicide Squad He announced that there would be a death in the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. However, his statement was so brief that it is thought that it was only a simple joke.

For now, the details of the feature film remain a mystery to the cinephile community, so you will have to wait for some promotional material to be released. But taking into account what the director mentioned, the probability that there will be any change in the title of The Suicide Squad is almost non-existent. | Movies, comics and series

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