The Suicide Squad villain discovered

The true villain of The Suicide Squad, could be Starro the Conqueror, nemesis of the Justice League, who was secretly revealed in the trailer of the DC FanDome

The mysterious villain of The Suicide Squad could be Starro the Conqueror, nemesis of the Justice League. The track comes courtesy of a little detail never seen before in the first images shown exclusively on DC FanDome that James Gunn revealed as part of his panel. Before DC's digital event, Splash Report had revealed that Starro was the main villain of this sequel / reboot, but it wasn't until footage from the event was shown that Starro's involvement was discovered. The Illuminerdi were the first to offer that corroboration.

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad is not a sequel to David Ayer's Suicide Squad, but simply a reboot tied to this movie that reboots the property while retaining key elements such as Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, Viola Davis's Amanda Waller, Joel's Rick Flag. Kinnaman and Jai Courtney's as Captain Boomerang. Once again committed as Task Force X, these original members are joined by new cast members, which includes Idris Elba, John Cena, Sean Gunn, and Nathan Fillion on a massive undercover mission to save the world again in what Gunn called an homage to the war movies of the 1970s.

Until now, the identity of The Suicide Squad villain had been kept under wraps and largely overlooked when the cast was announced, but now there's a hint as to what Bloodsport, Harley, TDK, Weasel, and the new generation of. villains will clash. And given the facts about the traditional Justice League villain Starro, it looks like they'll be facing an incredible task literally.

How Starro Was Confirmed As The Suicide Squad Villain

As Illuminerdi confirmed, the DC FanDome teaser showed footage of the victims from the battlefield around the Suicide Squad in a tropical country. At least two of those fallen foes have purple star-shaped creatures attached to their faces, which is, of course, Starro the Conqueror's modus operandi. While it has yet to be confirmed, the purple color scheme and how they fit in with the seemingly dead extras is great evidence that Starro is behind everything that happens.

Who is Starro?

Starro the Conqueror was a threat big enough in the comics that he was chosen to be the first enemy of the Justice League after debuting in The Brave and the bold Justice League of America No. 28 in 1960. An unconventional character by comic book movie standards, Starro is an extremely intelligent alien creature shaped like a starfish and a giant eye that has an army of spore clones capable of attaching itself to victims and taking over their bodies. . It is largely invulnerable, capable of generating extreme levels of mental suggestion, and driven by world-conquering hunger. Basically the kind of villain you wouldn't want to waste a few good heroes on.

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What could Starro's plan be in The Suicide Squad?

Even though Starro's power of mind control can be traced dangerously back to Enchantress's body stealing in Suicide Squad, Starro's involvement in the sequel should be a good thing. Presumably your intention here will be what it usually is in the comics: universal dominance. And given the setting of the action sequences shown in the footage, it would make sense that Starro's invasion site is the country of the ruthless South American dictator General Luna (Juan Diego Botto). It remains to be seen whether he is foolishly working with Starro and building an army of drones to invade the US or whether Task Force X is employed to save his country (perhaps as a secret US ally), but it should be one of the two.

Gunn has wanted to use extremely powerful alien invaders. When asked at a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 question and answer event on Facebook about which characters he would like to use for future Guardians movies, he said he was desperate to use Annihilus. So he could have funneled that conquering scale into The Suicide Squad. And as for who plays the villain? Well, the character of Taika Waititi has yet to be announced. | Cinema, comics and series