The terrifying look a Marvel movie villain almost looks like

Marvel movies have had some trouble with the villains, as many have not lived up to the heroes or the circumstances.

Since it was released Hombre de Hierro In 2008, a lot of Marvel movies have been hitting theaters, but without a doubt one of the worst of all is Thor: The Dark World 2013. In this adventure, the God of Thunder must face Malekith, the dark elf who wants to find the Aether, a substance that is the Infinity Stone of Reality (red). Although he is a very interesting villain in the comics, this time they did not finish doing things well and that the actor Christopher Eccleston He tried to give it his all

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Besides that the villain of Thor 2 It was disappointing, the actor has spoken about not enjoying his time working on Marvel movies, although he recently rectified and said he would be willing to return. Now we have seen that its appearance could be a little different and above all more terrifying.

Marvel Studios Concept Artist, Andy Park, has shared on his social networks some of the first artistic concepts of Thor: The Dark World showing creepy and unrecognizable shots of Malekith. These designs sure would have worked much better on screen than what appeared in the final film, but, as Park points out, the resemblance to the White Walkers of Game of Thrones it's a coincidence. They also remind a bit of Uruk-hai of The Lord of the rings. But what is clear is that it would be great to see a character in Marvel movies like this.

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This is Malekith's final appearance in Thor: The Dark World.

The terrifying look a Marvel movie villain almost looks like

Will we see the character again?

Although Malekith was crushed to death by his own ship, we know perfectly well that he could return, since in Marvel movies death is not always the end. But ask Loki, another of the classic characters that usually accompany Thor and that we have seen him die on several occasions and now has even a television series on Disney +. So if the rumors that Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) will have scenes in Hel, we could get to see Malekith looking for revenge. Although for now this this has not been confirmed at any time. | Cinema, comics and series