The trailer of Justice League the Snyder Cut rescues a deleted cameo

The first trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut reveals a cameo from the Superman saga with Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel who was erased from the final cut

The Justice League Snyder Cut will definitely reinstate the cameo of actor Marc McClure who played Jimmy Olsen in the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve as the man of steel, as confirmed by the first trailer for the film. The actor debuted as the well-known comic book ally alongside Reeve and Margot Kidder in 1978's Superman and reprized the role in all three direct sequels, as well as the 1984 Supergirl spin-off. Jimmy Olsen himself was created by Jerry Siegel. and Joe Shuster, making his first appearance in Action Comics No. 6. He would later enjoy having his own eponymous series, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. The character has been adapted numerous times for the screen, embodied by several different actors: briefly included within the DCEU itself in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (cameo that could only be discovered in the extended edition of the film). Yet McClure's performance has remained a quintessential, nostalgic rendition of the character for many.

It was first reported in 2018 that the Justice League would honor that legacy with a small role for McClure. That information was later confirmed when McClure was seen in the first trailer for the ambitious DC Comics team film. However, Joss Whedon's version of Justice League was very different from that promo and Snyder's original vision. One of the biggest victims of Whedon's reshoots was the Victor Stone / Cyborg general arc. Despite the fact that the character had previously been said to be the heart of the film, his presence was significantly reduced. As a result, his interaction with McClure's police officer persona was eliminated, but the actor eventually appeared as a guard at the prison that houses Ezra Miller's Barry Allen (aka The Flash) father.

However, the trailer for the Snyder Cut, which was released as part of the DC FanDome event, revealed that the original storyline would be restored. The reveal fully aligned with Snyder's strict claim that none of Whedon's footage would be used, however brief the footage was. McClure was clearly seen in a Metropolis Police Department uniform. The moment in question is when Cyborg gets in the way of a burning tank heading in the direction of the agent McClure played. According to the original 2017 trailer, Cyborg will save him personally, who jokes that the officer "should probably move." Previously, the character was given the name Officer Sadowsky.

McClure himself will probably be delighted with the move. The actor previously supported the Snyder Cut movement and expressed his hope that one day a Director Cut would emerge. McClure said her role went a bit beyond a simple cameo in Snyder's version. In addition to the above scene with Cyborg and the tank, he also shared three scenes with Amy Adams, which he is said to have enjoyed immensely. However, it is currently unclear if his entire performance will be included in the Snyder Cut.

Fans will no doubt be delighted too. The moment with Cyborg was very well received when the original trailer was released. Between its restoration and new glimpses of Victor Stone's pre-Cyborg days at Gotham City University, it's a sign that Cyborg's full arc will finally be out of sight. It's also a testament to the kind of fan service and nostalgic celebration that the Arrowverse embraced and that future DCEU movies will build on. Not only would it make a callback more effective, but the additional scenes that put him in front of Adams would effectively connect two different generations of Lois Lane in a subtly nuanced and potentially meaningful way. As a result, many will undoubtedly be more eager than ever for the Justice League Snyder Cut that will finally be released next year. | Cinema, comics and series