The Ultron design that Joss Whedon wanted and that Marvel rejected

They have revealed Concept Arts of Avengers: The Age of Ultron (2015) with a design of the villain that Joss Whedon promoted and that Kevin Feige, head of Marvel rejected.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron from 2015, Marvel studios finally brought the AI ​​robot villain to the big screen. Interpreted by James spader (voice), the android got a final form made with quite spectacular Vibranium.

Now the concept artist for Marvel Studios, Phil Saunders, has shared some of the early Ultron designs that clearly relied heavily on Iron Man and his armor technology.

"Director Joss Whedon wanted more 'solid' technology for Ultron (pistons and gears etc) than my previous designs, so we ended up going in a direction that was, frankly, too 'endoskeleton' for my liking," he explains. "Fortunately, Keven Feige stepped in and guided us to what came to the screen, but for a while I was able to paint some great hardware!"

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There was a bad relationship between the director and the film studio during filming.

Responding to a comment left by a fan, Saunders spoke further about Joss Whedon's hopes for a solid version of Ultron. "It was a disappointing choice, but not uncommon," he explained. "A lot of directors are obsessed with keeping everything 'rooted,' which always translates to 'if I haven't seen it before, I don't get it.'

It doesn't seem like Saunders was the biggest fan of working with Josh Whedon, and we know that Kevin Feige also had to step in and prevent the filmmaker from introducing Captain Marvel in the 2015 movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not to mention the obsession of the director for adding Spider-Man, a character who was not allowed to add, but who did appear the following year in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the movie Captain America: Civil War. | Cinema, comics and series