The video of No Time to Die shows the motivations of the villain Safin

A new video offers us a preview about the villain of No time to die, Safin by Rami Maleky, his sinister motivations

The No Time to Die video shows the sinister motivations of James Bond villain Safin. After winning the Oscar for playing Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek is faced with the task of playing a villain in the Bond saga.

Of course, Malek isn't the first actor of Oscar-winning caliber to take on the role of the main villain in a Bond movie. Over the years, many acclaimed actors have faced 007, from Max Von Sydow, Christopher Walken, Christopher Lee or Jonathan Pryce. Most recently, two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz took on the role of Blofeld for Specter, a film that reinvented the entire Bond-versus-Bond villain dynamic by turning Blofeld Bond into Agent 007's vengeful long-lost brother. Indeed, Waltz will return for No Time to Die, but the film's main villain is actually Malek's Safin, a mysterious masked figure who clearly poses a major threat to Bond and the world.

Until now, it has been difficult to know details about Safin and his plans, but a new video released by Universal Pictures offers some clues about the character and his motivations. You can watch the video below.

Of course, the video is still very vague on who Safin is, as those reveals will no doubt be saved for the film's release. Fan theories about Safin have spread across the network, including a theory that speculates that he has a connection to Specter and the love interest of the protagonist Madeleine Swann. All Malek offers about his character in the new clip is that he is motivated by the belief that he is a hero, and indeed the video shows Safin telling Bond his desire to make the world a better place in his own way. In a chilling moment, Safin insists that he actually plays the same role as Bond, but wants things to be "more orderly." To be sure, Safin's idea of ​​being orderly when it comes to murders involves a massive plot to kill as many people as possible in the fastest way he can handle (which puts him in line with many previous Bond villains who had plans to take over the world by unleashing massive amounts of carnage).

In fact, the clip is meant to offer some clues about Safin's plans without revealing the entire game. Keeping fans engaged while they wait for No Time to Die to arrive is obviously the goal of this video, but of course the big secrets of the film must be protected so that the revelations have the proper impact when the film finally hits screens. . So far, it looks like Malek's Safin will be a formidable adversary for Bond and a memorable addition to the long list of villains who have made Bond's life interesting for decades. | Cinema, comics and series