The Witches: The remake featured a creepy image of Anne Hathaway

Roald Dahl's story is close to hitting audience screens. On this occasion, Las Brujas will be a remake starring Anne Hathaway.

Recently, a new image of Anne Hathaway was released in Las Brujas. It is a remake of the famous 1990 film, which this time is directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón. On this occasion, the great person in charge of starring in the story will be Anne and her look already shows great differences with the original film.

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The characterization that Anne Hathaway has in Las Brujas, undoubtedly contrasts quite a lot with the original film. In the first film, the character wears a more cared face, which is obviously a camouflage to attract children. Of course, later, the witch reveals her true appearance which is horrifying and terrifying. The Grand Witch, who at that time was played by Anjelica Huston, is very different from today.

A dark face

In the new photograph, which is already around social networks, you can see the sinister face that the witch will wear in this new version. With a very stretched smile, sharp teeth and little hair, it was very clear that Anne Hathaway set out to transform herself as well as possible in order to present a great performance in Las Brujas.

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Regarding the film, it follows an orphan boy who, in late 1967, comes to live with his grandmother in Demopolis, a town in rural Alabama, United States. After encountering deceptively charming, but truly diabolical witches, Grandma manages to take her grandson to a luxury hotel on the beach. But sadly, they are unlucky enough to arrive at the precise moment when the Grand High Witch has gathered all her colleagues from around the world (in disguise) to complete her terrifying plans.

The Witches film stars Anne, who is accompanied by Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Kristin Chenoweth, and Codie-Lei Eastick. | Cinema, comics and series

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