Theory: Cobb was not the one who showed that Origin was possible

A new fan theory suggests that Leonardo DiCaprio's Cobb character wasn't the one to prove Origin was possible

Christopher Nolan's Inception is a film about a group of extractors who unconsciously try to implant an idea in Robert Fischer, the heir to a corporate empire. Dominick Cobb and his companions manage to implant an idea in Fischer's subconscious that allows him to become his own man and break the company of his father. However, Fischer's Origin was not the first featured in the film's narrative.

According to a Reddit theory, Cobb's wife, Mal, may be the one Origin discovered by implanting it in her husband's mind before the events of the film. Reddit user Levee6reaks proposed a theory in which Mal planted the idea of ​​marriage in Cobb's head. Mal's projection even said that he woke up from a dream asking her to marry him. Considering that they are both experienced extractors, Mal could probably have placed the idea in his subconscious. This would not only explain his obsession with Mal, but why the projection wants him to remain in the dream world with her.

If Mal made an origin in Cobb's head, this initial origin used a positive emotion such as love to facilitate the process. During the planning stage for Fischer's origin, Cobb confirmed that the subconscious was motivated by emotion and that positive emotions were better than negative ones. Fischer's relationship with his father was strained, and instead of using those feelings of resentment towards him, Cobb and his team sought to reconcile their relationship and provide Fischer's catharsis in the dream world.

Mal also used this method to generate the idea that she and Cobb should grow old together. In fact, it was Cobb who pushed them to continue investigating the dream world where they reached Limbo. The two spent decades in that realm and apparently aged together while their younger bodies remained in the real world. It is unclear if the Origin of Evil inadvertently led Cobb to find Limbo, but he may have contributed.

Initially, Cobb was happy living in Limbo, but deep down he knew it wasn't real. Although he finally realized this fact, Mal began to believe that Limbo was his new reality and decided to forget the truth. Instead of just killing her in the dream world and waking her up like that, Cobb implanted an idea in her head: her reality was not real. This idea was so present in his mind that he questioned his own reality, even after escaping from Limbo, it would lead to suicide in the real world.


While Mal's projection is in part a reflection of his guilt, his wife's projection was born out of his idea of ​​love and his promise to grow old together. Although Mal's shadow actively sabotages his extraction missions, at first he does not physically harm him or attempt to blame him with the knowledge surrounding the death of the true Evil. All the projection wants is for him to simply remain in the dream world. with her and fulfill the promise that was made. It is only the realization that they spent a lifetime together in Limbo that allows him to finally overcome his guilt and that the projection is finally at peace.

The consequences surrounding the origin in Cobb's Disease could be the reason why he suggested this implantation method for Fischer. His mistake during the Origin of Evil was to use such a clearly negative emotion to compel a mentally vulnerable person to leave Limbo. The sudden realization that the world she spent decades living in was not real, literally killed her. Ideas have the power to destroy or define you as a person. Cobb learned from his mistake and sought an Origin method that defined Fischer rather than destroying him. He was able to trick Fischer not only because he did it before, but because he was already implanted in the first place.

Regardless of whether this theory is correct or not, Inception has always been a film that has sparked debates about its meaning and all facets of the film in online circles and forums. Compared to other movie theories, this theory of idea is very small in the movie's grand scheme but provides a fun twist to the movie. What do you think? We wait your comments about that. | Movies, comics and series