Theory connects Shang-Chi with Tony Stark's death

A new theory has come to light that surprises Marvel fans. Apparently, Tony Stark's death would be connected to Shang-Chi.

Attention Marvel fans. A fairly interesting theory recently came to light, which suggests that the movie Shang-Chi could be directly connected to the death of Tony Stark. Apparently, everything would be thanks to the antagonists of the project: the Ten Rings.

It is known that the aforementioned terrorist group has a past traceable to the first Iron Man movie, since it is they who kidnap it in the first instance to manufacture weapons in the Middle East, on the orders of Obadiah Stane. From then on, the organization becomes an adversary for Tony Stark.

Then there are the events of Iron Man 3, in which, after much speculation, we met the Mandarin, the malevolent leader of this faction, although ... he turned out not to be the real ringleader, but Trevor Slattery, an unemployed and drunk actor hired by Aldrich Killian to be the image of a fictitious copy of the group. Next we will tell you in detail the theory about Shang-Chi and the member of the Avengers.

An interesting theory

Now, according to this theory published on ScreenRant (via), the Ten Rings would have a chance to re-terrorize humanity now that Tony Stark can no longer protect it. And you will say: "What's the point of them coming back now?" The truth is that they could have attacked before, but when Iron Man unmasked Killian and the whole false identity thing, they kept hidden, waiting for the right moment to resurface. Apparently, the story of Shang-Chi will be his new chance to return.

In addition, it is mentioned that with the snap of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, half of the terrorists disappeared, but when the businessman reversed what was done by the mad titan by sacrificing himself in Endgame, he allowed the reappearance of the enemies. What's more, the real Mandarin will be part of the plot, played by Tony Leung. Will he take revenge for the smear? That is what this theory that connects Shang-Chi with the death of Tony Stark ensures. | Cinema, comics and series

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