Theory Thor 4: Beta Ray Bill will get the Stormbreaker

Marvel character Beta Ray Bill could appear in Thor 4: Love and Thunder, and if that happens, the movie could end with him getting his Stormbreaker weapon.

The movie of Thor 4 theoretically it will mean the end of Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder, so it is speculated that he might as well give up his legacy to the character of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) as a Beta Ray Bill. The alien warrior could make his debut in live action and on top of that, stay with the Stormbreaker like in the comics. Remember that he had a brief cameo in Ragnarok. Since his face was sculpted with the great sand champions of the planet Saakar.

Although Thor lost his hammer in the third installment of the saga, in Avengers: Infinity War a much more powerful new weapon was made. So the Thunder God will start Thor 4 with her. But they may also feature many comic book characters that fans are waiting to see. The ones that are rumored the most are Hercules, Enchantress, Balder the Brave and Beta Ray Bill. The last of the four, if given a major role, could receive Stormbreaker, his weapon from the comics, at the end of the film.

Beta Ray Bill at Marvel Comics.

This character is very interesting that is why there is so much desire on the part of the fans to be able to see him in Thor 4. In 1983, Beta Ray Bill was born from the imagination of the famous writer of Thor Walt Simonson, who wanted to explore the idea that there might be other people in the galaxy worth managing Mjolnir. This is how Simonson devised Beta Ray Bill, a member of an alien race called the Korbinites. An encounter in outer space led to a battle between Beta Ray Bill and Thor. After an incident brought Thor back to his human character from Donald Blake, Beta Ray Bill picked up Mjolnir and gained both his power and Thor's iconic costume.

Beta Ray Bill determined that with Mjolnir, he could become the savior of his people. He claimed the hammer, but it was naturally disputed by its owner, Thor. The matter was brought before Odin, who decreed that the only way to resolve who should stay with Mjolnir was to have them both fight to the death in Skartheim. A fiery kingdom, which is speculated to appear in Thor 4. Beta Ray Bill won the fight, but only because of his species' natural resistance to fire. When he decided to spare Thor and Odin's life he found a solution to the conflict. He decided that Thor should keep Mjolnir, and that Beta Ray Bill should receive a weapon of equal power.

The ax known as the Stormbreaker was forged and delivered to the alien. Since then, Beta Ray Bill has used Stormbreaker to protect the galaxy from various threats. He has also occasionally returned to Earth to team up with Thor.

Therefore they may use this formula for Thor 4. Since Beta Ray Bill may be an enemy at first, but at the end of the movie become the great hero and stay with Stormbreaker. | Movies, comics and series