There will be a fourth Captain America movie

The Hollywood Reporter has just reported that Marvel is already preparing the fourth installment of Captain America. Sam Wilson will be the shield bearer in this installment.

After the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam wilson obtained the legacy of the mantle of the Captain America. In the sixth episode of the series, he not only wore the shield, but the colors of the mythical hero.

As in the comics, after the withdrawal of Steve Rogers As the Captain America, Sam is the one who got the title and becomes an important part of The Avengers. In the same way it happened now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But this will not be satisfied solely as a tribute to the comics at the end of the show. Disney +Instead, the company is already preparing a film based on this.

As reported by the specialized media, The Hollywood ReporterIt is a reality that a film is developed in which Wilson will be the ‘Cap’ and this will be the fourth of the character, despite being another man who assumes this role.

The film will join the saga made up of The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier Y Civil war.

One of the main news surrounding the announcement is that it will be Malcom Spellman who will write the project. Spellman was already in charge of this on the second film in the existing Captain trilogy.

The repair work will be joined by Dalan musson, one of the writers of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

This would guarantee that the tone of the previous feature films, linked with the history and character design of the Disney + show, can conclude in a production that would enrich the MCU.

falcon is the new captain america officially
Marvel has already officially introduced Sam Wilson as the new Captain America

More details and news

It is expected that Anthony Mackie stay on paper, which will now be main. However, the return of other artists remains unconfirmed, even that of Chris Evans.

To the above is added the premise that the program starring Falcon and Bucky It has not yet reached an end and would continue on the streaming platform.

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