There's a Suicide Squad version as dark as the Joker movie (2019)

Suicide Squad Director David Ayer continues to reveal details of his version of the movie and now compares it to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.

Suicide Squad 2016 was a box office hit but also disappointed fans of DC Comics. Now that you have decided to make the version of Zack Snyder of League of Justice, director David Yesterday He's trying to get them to show his initial version of the villain team movie. In addition this assembly exists and is almost complete. So it would not cost much to give it the final finish.

The big difference between David Ayer's montage of Suicide Squad with what was released in theaters is the much darker tone it has. For example, last week they revealed that Joker (Jared Leto) originally killed Monster t (Common) by intimidating him into ending his own life. Another short Joker scene featured Leto with a burned face after the movie's helicopter crash. In addition, David Ayer has also said that "most" of Leto's work as a Joker has not been seen by the public.

Now he compares his version of Suicide Squad to the 2019 Joker. The critically acclaimed and extremely obscure Todd Phillips film, with Joaquin Phoenix winning an Oscar for his performance.

"There was a scene that was re-shot because the tone was 'too dark.' My first act was a normally constructed movie. I was inspired by Nolan. There were real scenes with an amazing performance between Jared Leto and Margot Robbie. Joker was terrifying. Harley was complex. "

Will we ever see this version?

It's a shame that David Ayer couldn't make his movie his way and that Warner's managers went so far into filming and changed entire scenes from Suicide Squad to give it a brighter, more fun tone. Hopefully one day that version will see the light and we can enjoy a great performance by Jared Leto as the Joker. Because perhaps it is the worst of all. | Movies, comics and series