They are already preparing Hotel Transilvania 5

Although they have not released the fourth film yet, they are already planning new adventures for Dracula and the rest of the monsters in Hotel Transylvania 5.

In 2012 it was released Hotel transylvania, an animated film that gave a twist to the concept of monsters. As Dracula he had a vacation hotel for all the most terrifying beings who harbor the worst nightmares. But they just want a place to be safe from humans. The arrival of a backpacker at the same time that Dracula's daughter comes of age, revolutionizes the whole place. The saga is so successful that they are planning Hotel Transylvania 5.

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The first installment raised more than 358 million dollars, while the second film exceeded that figure with 474 million and finally the third was again above the previous two with 528 million dollars. In the summer of 2021 the 4th installment will be released that promises as much fun as up to now and they are already working on Hotel Transylvania 5.

What will the new deliveries be about?

At the moment we don't have much information about the history of the fourth film, but they will probably continue with the romantic relationship that began in the third installment between Dracula and Ericka. So we can see how the love develops between the two. Something very interesting, since they are very different people. Who knows if in Hotel Transylvania 5 even Dracula has more children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren, especially if we see how Mavis grows.

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Hotel Transylvania 4 will premiere on August 6, 2021 and there is still no date for the arrival to theaters of Hotel Transilvania 5. But let's hope that the original cast, headed by Adam Sandler and his friends Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, David Spade, Fran Drescher Y Molly Shanno.

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