They deny that Ra’s al Ghul was immortal in Batman begins

During one of the Comic-Con @ Home panels, the writer denied that Ra’s al Ghul was immortal in Batman Begins and in subsequent Christopher Nolan films.

Director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is one of fans' most favorite. While these films starring Christian Bale are just an adaptation, comic lovers still question how much of the original material was used in the development of this story, especially the reference to Ra’s al Ghul's immortality. Regarding this doubt, the writer of Batman Initiates, David S. Goyer, denied the theory.

As you may recall, actor Liam Neeson portrayed the leader of the Shadow League, took it upon himself to train the Night Knight on-screen, pretend? his death and then appear at the end while the Wayne mansion burns. This final scene in which it seems that he has returned from death was believed to be thanks to the famous Lazarus well, which we have seen in animated adaptations such as Batman: Under the Red Hood or on television in the seasons of Arrow. However, the writer of Batman begins, spoke about this moment in which it seems that Ra’s al Ghul is immortal.

Was he immortal?

"I think you are reading too much. Certainly, Chris [Nolan] and I never spoke about it. But if you think about it, it was a pretty realistic approach. I think if you introduce something like the Lazarus Well into this, I'm not saying you can't tell a cool story with it, of course something cool could be created with this well. I just don't think we've used it with that approach, "said David.

As the screenwriter said, Christopher Nolan was also in charge of giving a more realistic approach to Batman starts and his respective next films, taking care that everything he shows on screen is "a possibility". Even the characters have that more human and less caricatured feature, so a well that grants immortality and strength beyond the millennia would not fit entirely with the director's theme. As for Christian Bale, if Michael Keaton does not accept to be part of The Flash, he could be the second option. | Movies, comics and series