They filter the possible title of Spider-Man 3

One of the Marvel movies that will first start shooting very soon is Spider-Man 3 and they could have revealed the title it will have.

Whenever the production of a major sequel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are always many rumors related to its title. You just have to remember what happened to Avengers: Endgame. Now it's the turn of Spider-man 3, the film that Marvel and Sony are preparing about the adventures of Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

The title of Spider-man 3 that has been leaked is Spider-Man: Homesick (Nostalgia). There is also some possibility that it is a temporary job title. But if he is the chosen one it would make some sense.

The word "home" will continue to be very important.

After Homecoming and Far from homeyeah Spider-man 3 will take the floor Homesick as a subtitle following the line they established with the first installment that premiered in 2017. If in the end the word "nostalgia" is so important, it may be for many reasons, since Peter parker you will face a difficult situation. And maybe he longs for the situation before he became a hero.

Spider-man 3 will have to boot after the events of Far from home (2019), where Mysterio He blames him for his murder and discovers his true identity in front of the world. Which is sure to bring you many problems. The first thing is that his life will change radically and also all the villains he has faced could go for him. Without forgetting that The vulture could be forming the team of 6 claims.

For now there are many rumors about what we will meet in Spider-man 3, since they also suggest that you will need a lawyer and could resort to Matt Murdock / Daredevil or Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk, something that would be a real bombshell for fans.

What we do have clear is that Spider-man 3 will have again Tom holland as peter parker, Zendaya like MJ, Marisa tomei like May Parker and Jacob Batalon like Ned. Also the director will be again Jon watts. | Cinema, comics and series