They leak the story of the Marvel movie Silver and Black

Silver and Black was going to be one of SONY's big bets, since with this Marvel movie they were going to expand the Spider-man Universe.

A while ago there was a lot of interest from SONY of doing Silver and Black. But they opted to make another Marvel movie, so we were unable to see how Silver Sable and Black cat they made the jump to the cinema. Although a lot of information about this project has now been leaked. The revelations are a bit chaotic, but we have tried to shape it.

Scorpion, Tarantula, Camaleon, Tombstone, and Norman Osborn were all set to play a role in the movie directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Marvel movie Silver and Black revolved mainly around Silver Sable (Silveria Sablinova), a bounty hunter from the US Department of Justice, she attempts to locate Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) to bring her to justice. The Black Cat character had volunteered to undergo a scientific experiment. She had received experimental surgery at the hands of Dr. Mendel Stromm (aka Gaunt) who would have installed technology with A.I. on her body to give the thief master powers that would enhance her skill set. Super strength and agility are included.

After gaining those new abilities, Black Cat escaped with his powers (which he would not have fully mastered at this point) and headed straight for the border towards South America. Silver Sable, meanwhile, would have shown he had his own motivations for wanting to capture Felicia. Since the villain Gaunt He was responsible for the death of his father, Ernst Sablinova, not to mention the torture and disappearance of many of his compatriots from Symkaria (fictional country). Sable's plan was to use Hardy to get to Gaunt and thus take revenge on the villain.

There would be many references to comics.

This Marvel movie was going to lean heavily on the comics and if you followed the adventures of Silver Sable you will know all about The Wild Pack. This group of mercenaries has a shocking history, and they were reunited by Silver Sable's father. In Silver and Black, to Dominic Fortune he would have been given a lead role.

So a group of bounty hunters were looking for an improved Black Cat thanks to an experiment. Although they had their own plans to get to the main villain, Gaunt.

To achieve that, Sable is said to have called one of his contacts in the triple border region of South America (an epicenter for organized crime): Dmitri Smerdyakov, i.e. Cameleon, a classic villain of Spider-man.

In this Marvel movie, Cameleon was portrayed as a man on the run from his own past, and who has quite a reputation in the triple border area. Surprisingly, he does not appear to be a full-blown villain, but rather another mercenary who served as Silver Sable's ally. Cameleon was only going to have a handful of scenes in Silver and Black, but he was ready to help Sable find Felica, while showing off his skills as a costume master.

Scorpio and Tarantula Arrive

While all of that was going on, more familiar faces appeared from the adventures of Spider-Man. Gaunt's plan was to add Felicia to his team of surgically enhanced villains. But after she screwed that up, he makes Mac Gargan (Scorpion) and Anton Rodriguez (Tarantula) chase her on her journey south.

Black Cat obviously has a criminal past, and that means Gaunt is not the only one behind her. Felicia Hardy stole Lonnie lincoln, a villain better known in comics as Tombstone. He wants to kill her, but he only has a brief cameo.

An action packed final act.

As Silver Sable and Black Cat are chased by Scorpion and Tarantula, they decide to team up for what seems like an action-packed final act inside a train, among other great moments in this Marvel movie. Tarantula ends up being eliminated, but Scorpion manages to bring Felicia back to Gaunt and is pleased to torture her. By joining Fortune, Sable manages to infiltrate Gaunt's lab and take revenge after saving his new ally.

It is not specified how, but Silver and Black would reportedly end up with the two main characters forming a team of heroines consisting of Spider-Woman, Jackpot, Stunner and Dusk. This would start a new saga of Marvel movies starring female characters.

Norman Osborn appeared in Silver and Black, since the UCM it won't use villains that have appeared in other installments and it seems that SONY cares less. In a first draft of the script for this Marvel movie, Osborn was the one who financed Stromm's work, while Charles Standish it was intended to serve as his messenger. | Movies, comics and series

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