They want to make 2 more movies of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

After the success of the Joker (2019) movie, Joaquin Phoenix has been offered a lot of money to make two more films.

The year 2019 was spectacular in terms of box office collection. Especially to hits like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Lion King or Avengers: Endgame. But also Joker it went on to gross over $ 1074 million, received rave reviews, and the actor Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar.

But it was not all good news, especially for Warner Bros, since they did not believe much in the film and half of the budget was funded. Which means they didn't get half of the winnings. But they seem to have learned their lesson and now they don't mind spending the money.

Warner Bros has big plans with DC Comics characters.

Neither Todd Phillips neither Joaquin Phoenix have openly confirmed the idea that sequels are a definite possibility, but as the Flash is set to open up the multiverse of the DC Comics, which would technically make Joker official canon even though it doesn't connect to any of the other Warner Bros movies, the sequels seem to be closer to coming true. Reportedly, the movie studio has offered Joaquin Phoenix $ 50 million for two more movies.

Although it seems like an exaggerated amount, if they raise 1 billion for each of those Joker movies, it is a great investment. For now nothing has been commented on the director, but supposedly it will be linked to the projects if Joaquin Phoenix accept the mega offer.

So on the one hand we will have a universe with movies like Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Black Adam or Shazam!, on the other hand they will premiere the trilogy of Batman of Robert Pattinson and we could get to see a Joker trilogy. Something that the fans will surely like very much. Since it will be interesting to know what the future holds for Arthur Fleck, after he became a symbol of anarchy in Gotham City and ended up locked up in a mental hospital. | Cinema, comics and series

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