They're making a Spider-Girl movie

Sony Pictures is developing a new movie about a Marvel character, this time it would be Spider-Girl.

They are creating a Cinematic Universe of heroes and villains related to Spider-man how Venom, Morbius and many more… Now, all the reports point to Spider-girl it is also in development. This would be the tenth character who would make the leap from comic to film to be part of this story.

This new film will introduce Anya Heart, also known as Spider (always written in Spanish), which over time became Spider-girl. She is a half-Mexican, half-Puerto Rican superhero who received her powers through mystical means. It has the usual increased strength and spider agility with the advantage of a special spider-shaped exoskeleton that can sprout at will. The character has appeared in several popular Marvel stories including Heart of the Spider, Night of the Hunter, Civil War, Grim Hunt, Young Allies, Spider-Island, Secret Wars, and more.

Do not confuse this character with May "Mayday" Parker, who is also known as Spider-Girl and who is also the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Possible films of this Cinematic Universe created by Sony.

We still don't know if Tom holland will ever leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe to jump to all the movies that Sony is preparing. But in the coming years he has plans to release:

Morbius, the living vampire
Poison: There will be carnage
Kraven the hunter
Black cat
Silver Sable
Silk / Silk

As we can see, they will bet heavily on the female characters and if they get everything to have coherence they will surely create an interconnected story of the most interesting. Hopefully soon they will officially confirm all their plans and that Spider-Girl is in them, as she is a great character to see in the movies. | Cinema, comics and series