This actor officially asked to be the protagonist of Fantastic Four

After having participated for several years in Star Wars, this artist asked to get out of oblivion by getting the role of Reed Richards in Fantastic Four ... Will he get it?

The project of a live-action reboot of Fantastic 4 as part of phase four of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel. However, as it is one of the last titles of this period to be released, not much is known about it yet. The company has a defined schedule until 2023, so it is expected that the film will be released at the end of that year or in 2024.

With all the time in the world ahead, one of the studio's concerns is casting. Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel studios, I would have long searched for John krasinski Y Emily blunt were the protagonists, but, because of the actress, the couple refused on several occasions.

Faced with the refusal, the search for an ideal pair to embody the first family of superheroes of the UCM It has not been an easy task, However, the end of Loki gave an aid to this process, opening much more the options for the artists to be chosen.

At the end of the first season of the series Disney +, was shown to a variant of Kang interpreted by Jontahan majors. As is well known, in the comics, The Conqueror, Nathaniel Richards, is a direct descendant of Reed richards, Mr. Fantastic.

The candidate

In this way, ‘The House of Ideas’ opened up to the possibility of calling an actor of color to put on the costume of the Elastic man. This is because it could be a factor that would help to explain the ethnicity of ‘The One Who Remains’.

In that vein, the actor Ahmed Best, known for playing Jar Jar Binks on Star wars, officially requested in his Twitter play the leader of The Fantastic Four.

In the trill, the celebrity mentions that "officially I am throwing my hat in that ring", in tone of candidacy. The comment appears in response to the tweet from Zaki Hasan. The critic mentions that he thinks that, after the arrival of Kang, “it is not irrational to think that Mr. Fantastic's version of the UCM be played by a black actor ”.

Ahmed Best - Fantastic Four

Ahmed Best - Fantastic Four

It should be noted that Best's career has not been easy, it was even mentioned that he was on the verge of suicide. After not getting papers for his work at the Skywalker Saga, the interpreter went into a great depression ...Marvel will it be his savior and bring him back to the big screen?

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