This is how Chris Hemsworth changed the life of a young actor

Chris Hemsworth will always be remembered for being Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he also always proves to be a great person.

The movie Tyler Rake (Extraction) it was a tremendous success of Netflix. This action movie follows the mission of a mercenary played by Chris Hemsworth who has to rescue a kidnapped young man, played by the young man Rudhraksh jaiswal.

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The young actor did a great job in the film, since his presence is noticed and manages to empathize with the audience, despite the fact that Chris Hemsworth he shines by shooting, stabbing and hitting everything that moves in great choreographies taken from the saga of John wick.

In a recent interview, the young actor Rudhraksh jaiswal highly praised his co-star Chris Hemsworth for the impact it has had both on a personal and professional level.

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“Before doing Extraction, my life was very different. I was bullied at school, people tried to knock me down, and every day I went home crying. Chris Hemsworth has been guiding me through this journey. If I'm stuck or need advice, I always reach out to him. He is my idol. It always brings out the best in me. It also helped me improve my acting techniques and taught me the art of dialogue, voice modulation, and pausing between lines ”.

Will they do a second installment?

There has been a lot of speculation about the sequel, since Tyler Rake (Extraction) had more than 90 million views, achieving the absolute record of the streaming platform Netflix. Therefore it is normal that those responsible want to repeat and there is a new delivery. But also the end was quite open. Since the character of Chris Hemsworth theoretically he died, but at the end of the whole there is a blurred image that could indicate that he is still alive. Therefore that door is still open. | Cinema, comics and series