This is how merchandising is saving the world of cinema

In a year where the box office has plummeted with historically bad data, the world of cinema is surviving thanks to merchandising.

Since Star Wars popularized movie merchandising in the 1970s, an immense industry of products derived from the world of cinema has been created. Since everything is sold, from t-shirts, mugs, Funkos or any gift you can imagine, you just have to visit websites like Maxilia to check that the possibilities are endless.

This year the collection of films has obtained disastrous data due to the Coronavirus, but instead, thanks to online sales, a lot of products from all the franchises that can be imagined are still sold, from Star wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter and a long etc ... Now every time something is successful, we can immediately find everything to promote series, movies or comics.

For example, Hasbro held its Fan First Friday event last week which featured a whopping 14 new Star War releases. This includes nearly 50 figures from The Black Series, Vintage, and the new Celebrate the Saga bundle collections. The mix also includes an Emperor Palpatine Force FX Elite lightsaber and a Vintage Collection Tantive IV Hallway playset.

But this has also generated a very curious phenomenon in the world of cinema, since merchandising has been so important for a few years that toys are manufactured long before a movie is released. This causes even images to be leaked over the Internet and there are SPOILERS of what is to come.

Wonder Woman 1984 hides the villain but when the trailer comes out we already have the merchandising available, long before the premiere.

New footage from the 1984 Wonder Woman movie offered the full look of the villainous Barbara Ann Minerva / Cheetah transformation played by Kristen Wiig. Now, new merchandise for the Wonder Woman 1984 film gives fans an even better look at how Cheetah will appear in the film. Demonstrating that merchandising has become essential for the world of cinema.

“With her sharp claws, the fierce feline villain leaps with her superhuman speed to attack her powerful Amazon rival,” the statue's description reads. Barbara is an antique expert delighted to meet Diana Prince, who is mystically possessed by the powers of the Goddess of the Hunt, transforming into Cheetah, a female humanoid creature with the characteristics of the fastest land animal on Earth, with super strength and agile reflexes. In the comics, Cheetah is obsessed with Diana's true bond.

This is how merchandising is saving the world of cinema

With Baby Yoda the opposite happened.

If Star Wars has distinguished itself in the world of cinema for something, it is by selling everything and anticipating the fans. But with the Mandalorian series they decided to hide Baby Yoda before there were SPOILERS and the merchandising came too late, which caused a millionaire loss to the company. Luckily, months later they fixed the situation and you can already find everything about the Disney + series. | Cinema, comics and series

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