This is how Robert Downey Jr will return as Iron Man

A surprising information ensures that Robert Downey Jr is in negotiations to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man.

Attention SPOILERS. No doubt the Marvel Cinematic Universe owes a lot to Hombre de Hierro of Robert Downey Jr, since it was the inaugural film and after that in only 12 years they have managed to create the greatest saga in the history of cinema. But the life of Tony Stark came to an end, as he sacrificed himself to save humanity by defeating Thanos with the Infinity Gems. So ... how could I go back to MCU?

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According to the sources consulted, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will explore the arc of the comics of Secret wars. It will be then where we will see the heroes traveling to parallel universes. In one of these worlds is where we will meet a Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) alternative that did not die in battle against Thanos. The leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards, he will apparently try to recruit him for his Illuminati group. But this won't be the Hombre de Hierro that we all know and love. Instead, it will be a different version, more ruthless and amoral. They also ensure that it will have a similar relationship with Spider-man, but on your Earth it will be Miles Morales instead of Peter parker.

All pending the actor.

It seems that Marvel studios has already raised the idea to Robert Downey Jr and they are waiting for me to sign a new contract to make it again Hombre de Hierro. The biggest problem they are finding is that they offer him much less money, because in the past he has been the highest paid actor because he took a percentage of the box office, something that the rest of the stars of the cast did not do.

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Now the film studio wants to remove that part, so we don't know if the actor Robert Downey Jr he is willing to return for less than he made then. Even these reports go further and say that they contacted Tom cruise to play an alternate Iron Man, to pressure Robert Downey Jr. | Cinema, comics and series