This is how Robert Pattinson found out that he was going to be Batman

Actor Robert Pattinson himself has revealed the moment he found out he was going to play Batman.

Life is full of wonderful coincidences. In a recent interview, Robert Pattinson commented that he knew it would be the new Batman in the movie of Matt Reeves, on the first day of shooting Christopher Nolan's Tenet. Interestingly, the director who brought the character from DC Comics at the top with the Dark Knight trilogy.

"They confirmed that it was going to be Batman the morning of the first day," reflects Robert Pattinson. "It was crazy. It was a very, very intense weekend. That was a crazy way to start the Christopher Nolan movie. (Laughter) I think I was also doing the screen test on Saturday before I started. "

While he had plenty of time to prepare for The Batman, the time he spent portraying the character was brief due to the closure of production after just a few weeks.

“We really had a really good pace too, so it's kind of weird to be pausing. But again, it is a difficult movie. I mean, he's obviously Batman, so it's kind of nice. And, yeah, I felt a little crazy anyway. ”

"So having some free time is not the worst thing in the world," continued Robert Pattinson. "But I hope that sooner rather than later that everything is in a better place."

What will the film be about?

Robert Pattinson will play a Bruce Wayne who has been acting as Batman in Gotham for a while. He must prove that he is the best detective in the world when there are murder cases that the police are unable to solve.

Directed by Matt Reeves, it has a luxury cast led by Robert Pattinson, Zöe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, Peter Sarsgaard, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Charlie Carver, Max Carver and Con O’Neill.

The Batman will premiere on October 1, 2021. | Movies, comics and series