This is how the most important comebacks were in the Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, and Harley Quinn returned for James Gunn's version of The Suicide Squad. So were the three characters in the story.

Since the production of The Suicide Squad, under the leadership of the legendary James Gunn, the director made it clear that it was not a sequel. In the same way, it was confirmed later that it was not a reboot, then the doubt grew. Now, after its release, it is known that it is simply a temporarily independent film, so it does not adhere to any of the elements of the edition of David Yesterday (2016).

However, when Gunn took over, not all of the items from the previous version seemed disposable, so he wanted to take advantage of it and leave them. Before going on to the subject of the characters, it is worth mentioning that the writer used the other feature film to save time in explaining what it was Belle reve, what was the Task Force X or how the missions theme worked.

Having a base, he simply used a secondary character to introduce some elements. Also, this helped him recount the overall theme, while introducing the new objective.

The 3 returnees

Now, getting into the matter and releasing many SPOILERS, it can be mentioned that the three characters that he decided to keep were very well chosen.

Amanda waller, interpreted by Viola Davis, was one of them. The winning actress of a Oscar He showed his talent in all its splendor. Again he managed to make his character a detestable being, but he also showed himself with fragile sides. Even when Bloodsport He confronts her, the official is rude, but intimidated.

In the same way, the element that Gunn placed on a team for her made her grow as a leader, not in the best of moral senses, but as a character.

For its part, Rick Flag, embodied by Joel kinnaman, was undoubtedly one of the great highlights of this film. The character was totally different, serene, confident, but also very human. The colonel's great heart showed itself, even literally, when Peacemaker went through it.

Finally, Harley quinn it was not out of tune in the least. Each and every one of the director's comments about her was true. The sequence of action in the presidential palace of Short Maltese is, incomparably, the best of the DCEU.

His evolution as a character and the interpretation of Margot robbie they made the film very powerful.

It should be remembered that The Suicide Squad is already available in theaters and in HBO Max.

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