This is how they decided to kill Wolverine in the movie Logan (2017)

James Mangold talks about the end of the movie Logan (2017) and how he made the decision to kill Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman.

Director James Mangold discusses the shocking climax of the movie Logan and how it was easier than he thought to end Hugh Jackman's iconic Wolverine.

"Hugh Jackman and I really decided it from the start. It seemed logical, that if it were his last film, that he would go to the horizon or die, that you need to have some kind of curtain in his story. ” Discussing how the story of the movie Logan evolved, Mangold added: “Or you have the end of Shane (1953) where he rides on the mountain to unknown parts, which was largely how his character was resolved in each movie or you kill him. " He then illustrated the importance of providing a sense of closure, especially "if it's about the legacy of Hugh's many performances and movies, and trying to establish this part in a definitive way."

While Mangold hoped there would be a backlash by killing one of Fox's most profitable X-Men characters, the director revealed that the studio loved the idea.

Mangold said Wolverine's death in the Logan movie not only offered a less expensive ending than other superhero stories, but it also gave fans a reason to go to the movies. Since "it would be the end of a legend." The Logan movie ended with a bloody showdown between the protagonist and X-24 created by Dr. Zander Rice. Wolverine's heroic sacrifice culminated in an emotional final scene from X-23 (Dafne Keen) turning the cross on his grave into the letter X, as a nod to his time with the X-Men.

After the shocking ending of Logan's movie, now it's time to restart Wolverine. Since the X-Men will make the leap at some point to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Therefore they will look for another actor to play the charismatic mutant. | Movies, comics and series