This is how Zendaya would look in Kill Bill 3 by Quentin Tarantino

Faced with rumors of a possible Kill Bill 3. Fans proposed Zendaya to play Nikki, who witnessed her mother's death at the hands of Beatrix Kiddo.

For years, many fans are waiting for Kill Bill 3. A third volume that would be in charge of solving the conflict that Vernita Green's daughter would have against the Bride, many even suggest actress Zendaya for the leading role. However, Quentin Tarantino has yet to get down to business. However, fans took letters in the matter and set up a poster where the Euphoria actress steals the attention to be fully prepared to exact revenge against Beatrix Kiddo.

The theory of such a possible argument is not a fan invention. Over the years, Tarantino has talked about a possible sequel and has sometimes even hinted at the plot he has in mind. Some of them have led many to think that this would involve Vernita Green's daughter and her suggested revenge story from the second volume. Although the same filmmaker has said that he is waiting for the actress to be old enough to star in Kill Bill 3, many others have suggested Zendaya for the role and Boss Logic has put the actress in the character's skin through a poster that You can see below.

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Vol-3 - Kill Bride - @zendaya (Nikkia) @umathurman

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Will we see her in the movie?

In the events of volume 2, Vernita Green is the first of the Lethal Viper Killer Squad to perish at the hands of The Bride on her journey of revenge. However, this one murders her in front of her little daughter. Before leaving the house, Beatrix approaches the girl and says that if she feels like looking for her and taking revenge when she is old enough, she will be waiting for her.

Vivica Fox who played Green over 17 years ago, recently stated that would love for Zendaya to take on the role of her daughter in the hypothetical movie Kill Bill 3 about which so much is said and little is done. And many fans agree with his suggestion. | Movies, comics and series