This is the only way to access the Suicide Squad (2016) Yesterday Cut

Suicide Squad (2016) director David Ayer has confirmed the only way to access his original version of the film.

After years of campaigning, fans of the DC Extended Universe got the studio to release the long-awaited Snyder Cut. Zack Snyder's version of the Justice League will arrive in 2021 via HBO Max. But Snyder's crusade isn't the only one facing DC. Similarly, DC fans have been asking for the Yesterday Cut of Suicide Squad. Now the director has revealed how to access it.

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The Yesterday Cut is the director's original version of Suicide Squad (2016) David Ayer. It would be the version that was shown to executives and test audiences before being cut for theatrical release. Many are the rumors that surround the Yesterday Cut. The original vision is said to be practically finished, unlike the Snyder Cut that is recording the last scenes.

David Ayer has provided an answer to those who remain interested in his vision for the Suicide Squad. And is that the Ayer Cut exists, but not in the way that many expect. The director confirmed that Marv Wolfman's Suicide Squad novel is the closest product to his version. At least for now.

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Through his Twitter account, David Ayer responded to a follower who asked if the Suicide Squad novel is the closest thing to its original version of the film, accompanied by the hashtag “Launch the Yesterday Cut”. The director answered yes.

Since the release of Suicide Squad many have theorized that it would have included the Yesterday Cut. For starters, the original version is said to be longer. More scenes from Harley quinn and the Joker, a better explained background of Katana and a different opening sequence. The novel is more linear, either because it was what Ayer originally intended or because it was necessary for the narrative. It saves the jumps in time and gives a greater development to almost all the characters.

The Suicide Squad novel is written by Marv Wolfman, who was also responsible for the adaptation of Superman returns. Although fans have asked Wolfman about his interpretation of the film, the writer has not commented. The Suicide Squad (2016) novel was released almost at the same time as the film.

At the moment, DC has not commented on the Yesterday Cut. The study has turned the page and its attention is focused on a new vision for the group of antiheroes. The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn will hit theaters in August 2021. On the other hand, Warner Bros announced a new release schedule and many of DC's titles will hit theaters later. | Cinema, comics and series

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