This is the scene from Wonder Woman 1984 makes Gal Gadot cry

Actress Gal Gadot shares her reaction to the powerful opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984, which centers on the young Diana Prince.

After several delays it seems that the film finally Wonder Woman 1984 hit theaters in a few months. So we can see again Gal gadot Y Chris pine playing their characters from DC Comics of the first installment.

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Despite the delay of Wonder Woman 1984, the cast and creative team have continued to promote the film. In recent months, Warner Bros. has released new previews and images showing Diana's Golden Eagle armor and Cheetah's final form. Also in the trailer it was possible to see how the action will return to the island of Themyscira.

Specifically, Wonder Woman 1984 It will have an Olympic Games in the Amazons where the young Diana will participate. In a new interview Gal gadot talked about the flashback scene, which opens the movie:

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“Whenever I watch this part of the movie, I always cry, with good, emotional tears. One of the most important things that I believe is that you can only dream of becoming someone or something after you have seen it visually. And for the lucky guys, they came to experience, from the beginning of the movies, that they were the protagonists, they were the strong ones, they saved the day. But we didn't get this representation. And I think it is very important, and of course it is very important to me because I am the mother of two girls, to show them the potential of what they can become. And it doesn't necessarily mean they have to be athletic or physically strong, that too, but they can be larger than life. " Gal Gadot commented.

Diana's childhood with the Amazons will have a great impact on the life of the protagonist.

The Amazon Olympics will provide an exciting start for Wonder Woman 1984, the same way Diana's training did in the first movie. Furthermore, from the declaration of Gal gadotIt seems that the scene could elicit a similar emotional response in viewers as the famous trenches scene from the first installment.

So the reaction of Gal gadot to the opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984 it should make audiences even more excited to finally see the movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on December 25, 2020. But due to the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, that date could vary. | Cinema, comics and series