This is what Anne Hathaway would look like as the JOKER

Warner Bros remake of The Witches trailer and poster release confirms Robert Zemeckis movie will launch on HBO Max just in time for Halloween 2020

The trailer and poster of The Witches for the Warner Bros remake confirms that the Robert Zemeckis and Anne Hathaway film will premiere on HBO Max just in time for Halloween. The film is a reinvention of the classic Roald Dahl tale that has terrified generations of children. Originally adapted to the screen by the late Nicolas Roeg in 1990, starring Anjelica Huston as the Grand Witch and Rowan Atkinson as the hotel manager, Mr. Stringer. The film also terrified a generation of children, particularly when witches reveal their true faces.

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This remake has been approached by legendary director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump), who has moved the scene from England to 1967 Alabama. The boy is played by Jahzir Kadeem Bruno, with Chris Rock as the adult child. narrating the movie. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer plays her grandmother, while Stanley Tuccida plays the hotel manager, Mr. Stringer. Anne Hathaway takes on the role of the evil leader of the witches who turns the boy and his friends into mice to exterminate them.

With the release of the trailer, the minds of some fans like Boss Logic have come to the image of Heath Ledger's Joker when they see the lead actress Anne Hathaway with that big scar on her mouth reminding of the clown prince of crime in the trilogy of Nolan, and they couldn't help but imagine the actress in a magnificent fan art as Joker. You can see it below.

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Anne Hathaway came to think that her role in The Dark Knight Rises was that of Harley Quinn

In an interview with GQ magazine in May of this year Anne Hathaway revealed that when she auditioned for The Dark Knight Rises, it did not cross her mind that she was going to play the role of Catwoman, and that it would be Harley Quinn. , the Joker's girlfriend whom he would bring to life in the film. “I walked in and I had a cute, crazy top with stripes all over it and I was wearing Joker flats and trying to give Chris a few maniacal smiles. I had been in the meeting for about an hour and he said 'well this, sure I don't have to tell you this, but this is Catwoman.' And I was already changing my clothes, "said the actress.

About The Witches remake

After months without news about the remake, HBO Max has released the first poster, and trailer of the film that will be released on the streaming platform in the USA on October 22. The release also reveals that The Witches will be released in theaters internationally very soon, although they have not confirmed the date due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can watch the trailer and see the first poster and images of the film, below:

The Witches remake poster

The trailer, narrated by Rock, reveals that Zemeckis may have transplanted the events to 1967 Alabama, but the themes and tone of the story remain the same, with The Witches planning to destroy all the children by turning them into mice. The visuals are sumptuous too, with Zemeckis in a rare recent form, vibrantly bringing the world of The Witches to life. However, it's the main trio of Spencer, Hathaway, and Tucci who gets the most attention, and for good reason.

Each of them are trying their best in their roles, and it seems like scenes with any combination of all three should be a delight for kids and adults alike. Plus, the movie doesn't seem to skimp on the story's scariest elements, despite its PG rating, and will hopefully terrorize a whole new generation of kids. Millennial parents around the world will likely be delighted to put their children in front of The Witches like their parents did 30 years ago, and to give them a dimmed look at the world of horror movies. | Cinema, comics and series