Thor 4: Natalie Portman would have confirmed details of her character

Natalie Portman has revealed that she is already training to put herself in the shoes of Jane Foster and also confirms details of the plot.

A couple of years ago the future of Natalie Portman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it seemed to be over. After playing Jane foster, Thor's romantic interest, in the first two films of the Asgaradian god the actress decided to cut her relationship with the franchise. Portman commented that the Thor movies didn't give him much to work with. So it was a big surprise when the actress appeared on the San Diego Comic-Con of 2019 announcing that MCU would return and also for everything great.

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Many were the actors from the Thor movies who spoke of their desire to return. Especially to work with the Oscar-winning director, Taika waititi. Thor: Ragnarok It was a success and thanks to the director's humor, it became a favorite of Marvel fans. Natalie Portman did not resist and decided to trust Waititi to return to the franchise. Portman will reprise her role as Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder, but not as Thor's romantic interest if not as Foster's version of the goddess of thunder.

Portman is now ready to lift the Mjölnir. In an interview with Yahoo! The actress revealed that she has already started her training. “I can't tell you much. But I am very excited. I have started to train, to gain muscle. If all these superheroines can exist, the more there are, the better. "

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Ever since it was revealed that the new movie would follow the story in which Jane Foster becomes Thor, Marvel fans have wondered if it would follow the entire plot. In the comics of The mighty thor From Jason Aaron, Jane Foster becomes Thor and gains all her powers when she holds the hammer. But at the same time, the character suffers Cancer and is in treatment. Now Portman may have confirmed that this will also happen on the big screen. I'm trying to think. It is based on the graphic novel of The Mighty Thor. On the one hand, she is undergoing cancer treatment and on the other, she is a superhero. "

It is also possible that Portman is only making mention of the comics and that he does not refer to the story that the fourth installment of Thor will follow. The actress already commented a few months ago that this would be an interesting plot to follow and that it would give young people an opportunity to see real life problems. For its part, Taika waititi He spoke of the rumors but did not confirm anything. "We do not know. Comics were a great inspiration and influence for the first sketches. But at Marvel we always change everything. I can say one thing now and in two years it will be the opposite or it will not exist. We continue to write even during post-production ”.

What is known is that we will have to wait a little longer to see Natalie Portman's return to the MCU. Thor: Love and Thunder It was due to arrive in November 2021. But due to the pandemic, Marvel Studios had to reschedule its entire release schedule. The fourth installment of Thor will be released on February 11, 2022. | Cinema, comics and series