Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) will be very romantic

Director Taika Waititi offers an update to the script for Thor: Love and Thunder and assures that there will be a lot of romance in the Marvel movie.

After the success of Thor: Ragnarok (2017), one of the most anticipated films of Phase 4 of Marvel it is Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) which will again be directed by Taika waititi, one of Hollywood's fashion directors.

At the moment very little is known about the director's plans for the fourth God of Thunder solo adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Christian bale will play the villain of Thor: love and Thunder and it has been confirmed that Valkyrie searches for her "Queen" after being named the Ruler of Asgard. Also Natalie Portman will return as Jane Foster, after being absent at UCM since Thor: The Dark World (2013).

In an interview with BBC News, the writer and director shared an update on where things are and confirmed that it has reached the point where the script is practically finished.

"I think Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be really good," started Taika Waititi. "We're done, we've been writing the script from time to time for over a year and I'm, in fact, this week making another pass. It is very crazy and it is also very romantic. I like romances now. I just want to have a romance. I just want to do something that I have never done or never cared about. I would like to attack something like that. It will be a very romantic movie. "

Will it be the first romantic comedy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? When it is released we will check it.

What will the film be about?

For now we have few details of Thor: Love and Thunder, but the events will continue what happened in Avengers: Endgame. Therefore Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will leave Earth alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy. He will undertake new adventures while Jane Foster will somehow receive the power of Thor, becoming the new Thunder Goddess of Marvel. An interesting twist that we have already been able to read in the comics.

Hopefully it is Thor: Love and Thunder Be as good as Ragnarok and signify a worthy end to the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. | Movies, comics and series

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