THOR: Love and Thunder's script is even more fun than Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth Says Taika Waititi and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson's Thor: Love and Thunder Script Is More Fun Than Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth has praised the screenplay for Thor: Love and Thunder written by director Taika Waititi and screenwriter Jennifer Kaytin. Thor is one of the original Avengers who clearly has his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers: Endgame marked the end of the Iron Man and Captain America stories, Black Widow is expected to end his solo movie, and the Hulk and Hawkeye will be replaced during Phase 4. But Hemsworth is set to lead a fourth movie. solo in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Marvel Studios confirmed plans to continue the Thor franchise at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Tessa Thompson will return as Valkyrie, but the big surprise was the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, an actress who will become the powerful Thor. . Waititi so far has not revealed too many details of the story beyond this we have only been able to see some concept art that he shared a few months ago when the Coronavirus pandemic began to confine the entire planet to their homes, and the statements that it will still be bigger, crazier and more romantic. However, the next chapter in this story is not being written by Taika Waititi alone, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (Sweet / Vicious) was hired to help finish the script. And it seems like movie star Chris Hemsworth really liked what they drew for the movie.

In a new interview with Polish magazine Elle Man, Hemsworth revealed how excited he is to be working on Thor: Love and Thunder now after reading the script. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, the actor did not reveal any plot details about the upcoming solo installment of the god of thunder. But, Hemsworth said that reading Waititi and Robinson's Thor 4 script was more fun to read than Thor: Ragnarok.

After reading the script, I can say that I am very excited. For sure there will be a lot of love and a lot of lightning in this production (laughs). I'm glad that after everything that happened in Avengers: Endgame, it's still part of the Marvel Universe and we can continue the story of Thor. Of course, I can't tell you anything about the plot, but to satisfy your curiosity, I'll say that I had a lot more fun reading the script than I did Thor: Ragnarok, and that proves something, because this movie was brilliant.

That Chris Hemsworth has more fun with the Thor: Love and Thunder script than with Thor: Ragnarok is quite revealing. It marks the latest in a continuous line of praise for Waititi's take on the character and the franchise, as we hear that Thor 4 could be even better than its predecessor. Given the reaction to Ragnarok, the idea of ​​Thor 4 surpassing what came before will be more difficult to imagine for some, but it leaves us the hype through the roof.

It's no secret at this point how much Hemsworth loves working with Waititi, and this is likely why he doesn't plan to quit playing Thor any time soon. It was in this same interview that Hemsworth confirmed that he will replay Thor after Thor: Love and Thunder. Despite the movie proving to be another success, it's quite possible Waititi and Hemsworth could team up again for Thor 5 and close out a trilogy of their own. After all, Thor has never been better than in the last few movies, so Thor: Love and Thunder might not be the last time Hemsworth reads a Waititi script at the MCU. | Cinema, comics and series

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