Thor: Ragnarok (2017) almost has a more terrifying looking villain

The Thor: Ragnarok movie is one of the greatest hits of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe and its villain may have looked different.

At the beginning of the movie Thor: Ragnarok, he Marvel God of Thunder, is found in Muspelheim, an extradimensional kingdom ruled by Surtur. This fire giant had a spectacular design, but it could have been different. As a new piece of concept art shared by Ian Joyner shows a vision of fire demons that is much more organic, compared to the rocky look of the final design.

Here we leave you one of the first designs of the villain of Thor: Ragnarok:

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) almost has a more terrifying looking villain

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Surtur is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In Thor: Ragnarok, the main villain is Hela. Thor's sister who is released when Odin dies. She is extremely powerful and the Goddess of Death. But still it falls under the unleashed power of Surtur. A villain destined to end Asgard.

Few villains can match Surtur in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only Thanos with the Infinity Stones or Dormammu can be so powerful. Luckily his fate was to annihilate Asgard and not the rest of the planets in the Galaxy. Because it would have been too tough a battle for the Avengers.

Thor: Ragnarok will give way to Thor: Love and Thunder, where Surtur is not expected to appear. Despite the fact that the director will be Taika Waititi, it does not seem that we will see this gigantic being again and the story will turn to other aspects. It will also be the farewell to Chris Hemsworth of the character he has been playing since 2011 when he debuted as Thor under the orders of Kenneth Branagh. Hopefully this fourth and final installment will live up to this mini saga within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. | Movies, comics and series

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