Thor still hasn't used Mjolnir's best power in Marvel movies

In the Marvel movies we have been able to see Thor use the incredible powers of the Mjolnir but there are still some to discover

Thor's version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely among the most powerful characters to have appeared in the franchise movies, and the Mjolnir plays a huge role in the hero's identity. Although he finally realizes that he is the God of Thunder, not the God of Hammers in Thor: RagnarokIt remains an incredibly powerful relic in Norse mythology that helps you channel your strength. There's also a particular comics ability that could have given Thor a huge advantage in defending the universe from cosmic-level threats, but for some reason, it was never used in the movies.

The Mjolnir is actually older than Thor himself, he was destroyed by Hela and only made a cameo in Avengers: Endgame. Which is a shame considering that we were never able to see one of his most important skills at play: Energy absorption and reflection.

In the comics, in Silver Surfer # 4 of 1968, Loki manages to do his usual antics and tricks Thor and the Silver Surfer into fighting each other. When the chrome galactic surfer unleashes cosmic power on Thor, the Asgardian manages to absorb the blast of energy in the Mjolnir.

Going one step further in Thor Vol 2, No. 22, Thor fights Thanos when he sends her a lightning bolt with the gem of enlightenment and once again absorbs the explosion of energy using the Mjolnir, although this time he sends her back with "his power multiplied by one hundred". That would have been quite useful against Titan Loco and his lackeys in the UCM infinity saga, but maybe next time.

Thor Vol 2 # 22 - Thor has not yet used Mjolnir's best power in Marvel movies

After all, Thor's signature weapon will likely be used at some point by Natalie Portman's character Jane Foster in the upcoming Love and Thunder, and Marvel may decide to explore some of its abilities that we haven't seen in the movies yet. . | Movies, comics and series