Thor was originally the villain and not his brother Loki

Loki is known as Thor's "evil stepbrother", but it was actually Thor who made his life miserable when they were children.

The conflict between Thor and Loki has been the stuff of legend in Marvel Comics and the MCU. While the two have managed to put their differences aside and even team up at times, Loki's feelings for his brother inevitably show his dark side.

Many believe that Loki's hatred is due to the fact that Thor is Odin's natural son and that he has always been Asgard's favorite warrior, while Loki is the adopted son of an Frost Giant and has long been considered the black sheep of the family. However, reviewing Thor's early days shows that some of Loki's anger towards the golden child of Asgard comes from a more understandable place.

In World War Hulks: Spider-Man vs Thor, Thor remembers the days when Odin adopted Loki for the first time, revealing how the God of Thunder… was kind of a bully towards his brother. Mocking that Loki "smells" and likes "weird giant food", ridiculing his stepbrother in front of his father, mocking Loki's love of reading and his lack of interest in sports. When Odin points out that Thor never invited Loki to play with him, a reluctant Thor agrees to let Loki participate in one of his "game battles" after Odin orders him to.

Thor and Loki end up getting into a wrestling match with two young Asgardians and Thor tries to get Loki to ambush his opponents while attacking them head-on. When Loki ends up leaving the game, however, Thor is beaten up by the boys. Humiliated, the young thunder god follows Loki into his tower room and throws his stepbrother out the window, smiling as Loki falls into the mud.

His vindictive behavior causes Odin to speak sternly to Thor, who informs his son that if he behaves like an "unworthy brute" with his stepbrother over a simple dispute, he would bring that behavior to the real battlefield and be an unworthy warrior. . Punishing Thor for not being strong and wise, Odin exposes his son for the bully he has become. Embarrassed, Thor decides to do better, although he was apparently unable to mend his relationship with his brother because of his childhood behavior.

Of course, Thor would mature (a bit) as he got older, while his stepbrother went on to do some reprehensible things that went way beyond just abandoning his brother during a few games on the playground. It is telling, however, that while Loki was not the ideal stepbrother, Thor was a complete bully to his brother in his early days. Given all of this, it's truly understandable that the god of deception developed a resentment towards Thor that would eventually morph into something much more dangerous. Fortunately, Loki seems to have matured after dying and resurrecting multiple times, so maybe it's not too late for the brothers to bury the hatchet forever. | Cinema, comics and series

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