Thor's first design revealed for Marvel movies

The character of Thor has a small mention in Iron Man 2, but long before they already planned his arrival in the Marvel movies.

Since they started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each movie has post-credit scenes that have progressed the events that were to happen next. In Hombre de Hierro (2008), Nick Fury appeared to discuss the Avengers initiative, In The incredible Hulk (2008) Tony Stark tells General Ross that they are assembling a team. Meanwhile in Iron man 2 (2010) we can see Thor's hammer nailed to the ground, anticipating the arrival of the God of Thunder.

So even though there was this little mention we had to wait until 2011 to see Chris Hemsworth like Thor in his own movie. Now they share the first design that was unveiled long before they chose the actor who would bring it to life.

Here we leave you the first official character design for the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Thor's first design revealed for Marvel movies

Along with the artist's image Charlie Wen we can read: “Well, either way, here's a throwback to the first Thor I did. It was in the childhood of Marvel Studio, directly after Iron Man 1 I had a meeting the next morning with Kevin Feige to discuss the design of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was so nervous that I decided to paint my first Thor (which I included in the meeting). You can see how this first Thor image still had remnants of spending 6 years developing the fantasy look of the God of War games. But even then, I really thought Celtic knots and interlocking shapes worked well, so I was very happy to be able to work those elements into the final designs for the movies. ”

In the end they decided that Thor's appearance would be more similar to that of the comics than to the first Concept Art they made of the character. | Movies, comics and series