Time with you (2019), by Makoto Shinkai – Review

In general terms, Ttime with you feels a little below Your name, but still touching the protruding.

From Miyazaki to Shinkay, from Chihiro's journey (2001) a Your name (2016); There have been hundreds and hundreds of anime films that underpin a genre that makes the Japanese country fall in love and fascinates the rest of the world. With The time with you (2019) the director, Makoto Shinkay, not only wants to repeat the tremendous success of his previous film but also intends to make history after recently knowing that his film has been selected to represent his country in the Oscars as the best foreign film.

The first has already achieved. Three years later, Shinkay and
theirs raze at the box office in Japan and are on their way to breaking new records
after its global launch. Something in the animation and the stories of this
Director like them a lot, and it certainly is. Visually his work is a
wonder, the level of detail in their scenarios is above a bar
that he was already very loud, but he also knows how to use the sound of
spectacular way moving inside the city of Tokyo and almost feeling
Built-in weather

And, speaking of the subject, you have to stand on this, in time. One of the characters in this impossible story describes the sky as "an ecosystem more complex and unexplored than the ocean." Although it is a very current issue, here we do not talk about climate change (at least not as we know it), because fantasy is once again the pool of light where the plot rejoices. The time with you follow that trail, in the Japanese animation, of parallel worlds, where magic can exist and the destiny of gods is touched with the fingers.

Makoto Shinkay intends to make history after knowing recently that his film has been selected to represent his country in the Oscars as the best foreign film.

If technique and history allow such a great connection of the city and the rawness with imagination and incredible adventure, there are other issues that the film does not achieve so clearly. When he talked about the sound he left the soundtrack aside. The music group "Radwimps" repeats the formula that led them to glory in Your nameHowever, I cannot but be upset with the decision to separate acts and scenes with brief (and not so brief) songs in style opening anime. The intention may be different and have consistency with the tone, but sometimes they get you out of the more or less serious narrative of the movie.

In this drama of love and friendship, teenagers return to be protagonists. Shinkay and many anime directors know that children of growing age give a lot of play to the stories. In The time with youHowever, adults also shine, and the innocence of young people is not as funny and entertaining as in their previous work. In general, everything feels a little below Your name, but still touching the protruding.

We will have to wait to know if Makoto Shinkay achieves what Master Mayazaki never achieved in the foreign film category, having given up this when Princess Mononoke (1997) did not reach the nomination.

Synopsis Hotaka Morishima is a high school student who moves to Tokyo to leave his life behind on an isolated island in the world. There you will meet Akina Amano, a girl with the mysterious power to manipulate and control the weather at will.
country Japan
Direction Makoto Shinkai
Script Makoto Shinkai
Music Radwimps
Gender Animation
Duration 112 min.
Original title Tenki no ko
Premiere 11/29/2019

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