To the bone, Netflix's eating disorder movie

To the bone, the movie about eating disorders produced by Netflix and starring Lily Collins, which generated a series of criticisms within the medical community for its approach.

Some time ago a Netflix film called To the bone (To The Bone), written and directed by Marti Noxon, generated controversy among the community of specialists who tackle daily food-related pathologies. The screenwriter and director released a story based on his own experience with the disease.

The main character starring Lily Collins (Ellen), is a 20-year-old girl who suffers from anorexia and, therefore, performed a series of treatments without having obtained good results. Due to this situation, her stepmother decides to subject her to an "unconventional" treatment led by Dr. William Beckham (Keanu Reeves), which would be her last alternative.

to the bone

Anorexia, a disease that is gaining adherents

Although eating disorders have existed for a long time, it is estimated that cases have increased in alarming numbers since the middle of the last century. This problematic reality affects diverse inhabitants and ages (especially young people). They are one of the pathologies with the most social relevance and with high mortality rates.

And, this disease includes behavioral, emotional and cognitive manifestations such as food restriction, dysfunctional compensatory behaviors (excess exercise, induction of vomiting or abuse of laxatives to avoid weight gain, etc.). Also exist wrong beliefs about food and weight, distortion of body image, feelings of anguish, anxiety and low self-esteem. For its part, the film includes each of the representations mentioned.

The reality of patients with eating disorders

According to María Méndez de, in Spain, around 400,000 people, most of them young, suffer from some eating disorder (eating disorder). To treat these diseases, traditional goals of treatment include regaining proper nutrition, reducing excess exercise, achieving a healthy body weight, and curbing binge eating and purging, which means overeating and vomiting.

Also, patients with eating disorders sHave sessions with other professionals such as doctors, psychologists, nurses, educators, etc. However, in this story we can see a completely different treatment than what most specialists are used to. Well, Ellen, the protagonist, is expected to seek her recovery and be motivated by it. That is, wait for the patient to perform a kind of “Introspection” about your illness and look to make adjustments to improve it. We can even see this type of behavior when Ellen mentions "I have it under control, nothing bad is going to happen to me."

However, To the bone It has generated controversy in the professional community, since these pathologies are generally characterized by little or no awareness of the disease. Furthermore, the simplification with which the treatment is represented is questioned. But, the best way to draw your own conclusions is by watching the movie. | Movies, comics and series