Todd McFarlane reveals that Spawn reboot will surprise fans

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is preparing the new movie for the legendary superhero and is fast forward.

There was a version of Spawn in 1997, which is probably one of the worst superhero movies out there. But there are people like Todd McFarlane who still believe in the character's potential. So they want to give it a new chance and are preparing to restart.

Blumhouse It has one of the best records in the industry when it comes to sustained business success, with the company's model of producing low-budget horror movies that result in huge box office profits, especially when considering the profit margins involved. However, it will be interesting to see if the formula will translate to the comic book genre when the long-awaited reboot of Spawn.

The creator Todd McFarlane he is ready to write and direct the film, which is reportedly going to be much more faithful to the original material than the 1997 version. Despite recent rumors to the contrary, Jamie Foxx is still ready to play the lead role it has been assigned to since the summer of 2013, with Jeremy Renner as the only other cast member announced so far for the reboot of Spawn.

It seems they are preparing something very big for the movie.

Todd McFarlane is creating a lot of HYPE for Spawn's new movie:

"We are in the process of adding, I think, not just a Home Run, but potentially a Grand Slam to our movie. I don't say that as a claim. I say it legitimately. It's happening. It is happening right now. It's just that the Hollywood business has its kind of ebb. They seem to be a little shy about wanting to go public with all of this. So all I can say is that the Spawn movie is going full steam ahead. I know I said it before. I tell them it is going full steam ahead in terms of news that we hope you and I can break up soon. ”

Looking forward to seeing a new Spawn movie? we hope that Todd McFarlane be right and be better than the 1997 version. | Movies, comics and series