Tom Cruise movie to be shot in space already has director

Actor Tom Cruise will feature a director he has already worked with for his craziest project to date.

It seems that Tom Cruise He wants to go down in history as the actor with the riskiest projects in cinema. In the Mission Impossible saga, he has already shot some pretty crazy scenes, but now he will go further. Since they will make a film shot directly in space. There is nothing like it to date. For this, it will have the help of NASA and the company of Elon musk.

There's not much information on this Tom Cruise space movie yet, but it's now been revealed that Doug Liman will direct the action once the crew takes off.

The filmmaker has previously worked with Tom Cruise on Edge of Tomorrow (At the edge of tomorrow) and American made (Barry Seal. The dealer). They are both friends and have done a good job together. Plus they've been planning this for quite some time, and Doug Liman has already completed the first draft of the script.

Curiously, they were preparing another space movie.

Doug Liman and Tom Cruise had been developing another project known as Luna Park for Paramount Pictures, but despite the title and premise (said to revolve around a group of renegade employees scouting the moon to steal a power source) the studio insists this is a completely separate film. So they will create the sets and there will be green chrome and they will not go into space to shoot.

It is not yet known when they will leave Earth to record those shocking scenes. Doug Liman is currently in post-production on the film Lionsgate / BRON Chaos walking with Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland. further Tom Cruise has to finish shooting the two new installments of Mission Impossible under the director's orders Christopher McQuarrie. | Movies, comics and series