Tom Cruise went to the movies to see Tenet and he loved it

Tom Cruise fue al cine a ver Tenet y le encantó

Finally Tenet was released in the cinema, in the middle of a pandemic. However, Tom Cruise was one of the people who decided to watch the tape in the room.

Tom Cruise is famous for his brash personality that was recorded in some of the most dangerous sequences in action movies. But now he faces another challenge that many people do not dare to do: going to the movies in times of pandemic. Finally Tenet made it to the big screen, for which the actor did not want to miss the opportunity to see her in the movies.

On your Twitter account, Tom cruise shared a small blog of his visit to a movie theater where he saw Tenet. This happened in Europe, London apparently, where the complexes have been able to open after the initial confinement and where the film that was originally going to be released at the end of July has already begun to be shown. His well-known reputation for defying danger was not an impediment, it should be noted, for him to comply with the measures and wear a mask.

Did you like it?

Although he does not go into details about what he thought of the film, one of the most anticipated of this summer, at the end of the video Tom Cruise says he loved it, after someone asks him as he leaves the room. It is unknown if it is a special Tenet feature, but it seems to be one since the message is initially projected that the film will be in theaters from August 26, this Wednesday. Maybe it was a news show or for another group of people in the industry.

Tenet, as we have been told in the few previews that have already been released, tells the story of a special agent of a secret organization tasked with preventing the outbreak of World War III. For this, you must master a technology capable of reversing time. The mechanics of this premise is still not clear, since it is barely mentioned in the trailers that the protagonist is traveling through time, but in the opposite direction, something like from future to past. Something that happened with Tenet in the UK is that they had to remove a scene to make the age rating lower. | Cinema, comics and series