Tom Cruise will go into space to shoot a movie in 2021

Tom Cruise, an actor who is already used to recording surprising scenes without doubles, will go to space in 2021. The interpreter has new plans for a movie and he will do so with the help of NASA.

For many years, Tom Cruise has surprised us with high-risk scenes. The 58-year-old actor continues to shoot his own scenes without the help of stuntmen and dares to face new challenges. On this occasion, it was revealed that the interpreter will travel to space in 2021 to record a new movie. And it will do so with the help of NASA!

Although we are now used to seeing him in strong and dazzling scenes, Tom Cruise's career at the beginning was quite varied. Apparently, now the actor wants to take his acting work in the cinema far beyond the limits and is even encouraged to go on a trip to space. According to new information, it will achieve this very soon with the help of NASA and Space X, the largest space organizations in the United States that are willing to participate and contribute their knowledge to carry out the first film to be filmed beyond planet earth.

A movie from another planet

And when many film and television projects are forced to pause or work more carefully due to the pandemic, Tom Cruise is ready to give it his all in space. In this way, Elon Musk's SpaceX and NASA will collaborate together to make filming possible on the International Space Station. In addition, information was also released that a manifesto from 2020 to 2023 lists actor and director Doug Liman among the ISS passengers. That said, the plan is for the duo to travel on the SpaceX Crew Dragon rocket and capsule, which will launch in October 2021.

And apparently, this is not the only fascinating news that ties to Tom Cruise. A few days ago, there was talk that the actor could play Iron Man in an alternate Marvel universe. While we wait for this news to be confirmed, Tom prepares to go into space. | Cinema, comics and series