Tom Cruise's movie in space already has director

Tom Cruise wants to go further and shoot a movie in space, which would be the first time in history. For this, it will have a director with whom he likes to work.

After securing a dealer as is Universal pictures and a $ 200 million production commitment, new details have emerged about the actor's upcoming film. Tom Cruise and the writer Doug Liman they plan to shoot in space.

Now it has been confirmed that Christopher McQuarrie will be the director, so he will repeat his work with Tom Cruise since he is in charge of the latest movies of Mission Impossible and of Jack reacherIn addition, he also worked in At the Edge of Tomorrow, which ensures a winning trio for this crazy film project.

Christopher McQuarrie it seems quite likely that he will contribute to the mysterious script of the film once Doug Liman You have completed your initial draft, which is currently in the midst of writing.

NASA and SpaceX will also be involved.

It seems that POT set the stage for production aboard the International Space Station and the company SpaceX will provide transportation. So Tom Cruise everything is well tied to make your dream of shooting a movie in space come true. Something that has never been done before.

Even if Tom Cruise it still has two Mission Impossible sequels to roll and release. The seventh installment of the saga will hit theaters in 2021 and the eighth in 2022. So when the filming of both ends, it will start packing for the planet.

Hopefully soon they will give us more details about this space movie that still has no title and which actors will be willing to accompany Tom Cruise to conquer the last frontier. But it will certainly be more than just a movie, it will be a great event for humanity. | Movies, comics and series