Tom Holland is ready to shoot Spider-Man 3

As rumors and theories about Spider-Man 3 take over the internet, Tom Holland is now more than ready to begin filming the movie.

After spending several months in confinement, like everyone else, Tom Holland resumed his work and did not stop for a second. The actor was seen publishing stories in Barcelona, ​​a place that was the last stop in the production of the Uncharted film. But, last Sunday, he showed that he was already on his way to Atlanta. After such a long time, the actor will once again put himself in the shoes of Peter Parker and is now ready to start filming Spider-Man 3.

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Through his Instagram account, Tom Holland revealed that he is already in the middle of Atlanta and the action is about to begin. “It's time for Spider-Man 3! Come on! ”, He is heard shouting with great enthusiasm. In this way, the actor joins the filming of the third installment of Spidey, which had already started a few days ago in the studios of Georgia and New York.

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Y’all! #spiderman 3 is a go !!!! Via @ tomholland2013

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An amazing movie!

Jon Watts will be directing the film again. Spider-Man 3 is scheduled to premiere on December 17, 2021 and of course, it will star Tom Holland. The truth is that this movie is promising a lot, due to the rumors that are circulating on the internet. For several weeks, much has been said that we will see Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire together with Holland's Spidey. Although at the moment they are only rumors, the bells are ringing louder and louder. Recently, there was also talk of a possible participation of Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen.

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What is already confirmed is that the film will feature the participation of Doctor Strange, so this expected Spider-Verse could be a reality. As if that were not enough, actor Jamie Foxx also returns as Electro. | Cinema, comics and series