Tom Holland's anger with Marvel Studios for Spider-Man 3

It seems that not everything is going well at Marvel Studios and Tom Holland is not liking the new plans they have for Spider-Man 3.

Lately a lot of information is coming out about Spider-man 3, the movie of Marvel studios that is starting to roll Tom holland. The appearance of Doctor Strange of Benedict Cumberbatch and of Electro of Jamie foxx. But it is also speculated that Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield they will repeat their roles of Peter parker from other universes.

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According to the latest information from the sources who got it right Ben affleck will return as Batman in the movie The Flash (2022) and what Disney is developing a sequel to the Lion King. Now they assure that Tom holland is not happy with the arrival of Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield. Since he does not want to share the role of Spider-man 3.

Tom holland wants a movie of Spider-man for him alone, after Hombre de Hierro had a strong presence in the first and Nick fury had an important role in the second. Instead, you will now have to share the limelight with two of the actors who previously starred in the role. Since they will not be simply cameos but their participation will overshadow history.

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There are rumors that if this movie is a success even Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield could have their own solo installments.

Something that is not very funny to Tom holland is that I have to compete against others Peter parkers in different films, since it will be a unique case in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Although for now, it only seems that he has complained to Kevin Feige and he doesn't seem to be considering leaving the character after checking the plans he has for Spider-man 3.

further Tom holland has a very good relationship with both Sony as with Disney, so his film career is assured for many years. | Cinema, comics and series